About Julie

Hey friend! Welcome to Mommie. Lover. Friend.  Thank you for sharing your precious time learning about me and what this blog is about.  By day,  I am a life, dating, and relationship coach and the owner of Eli Simone Matchmaking and Coaching.  By day AND night, I am a mother to two beautiful brown almost tweenagers, a wife to my incredible husband, Cameron, and a community servant based in Charlotte, NC.

When I first started by business, I was so excited to start helping people find their perfect partner.  I had dreams of being at my client’s weddings, baby announcements, and a ton of men and women falling over themselves to work with me because I just knew I had all the answers.  I thought I was a relationship EXPERT.  What I soon learned is that I am no expert in relationships.  No one is.  Like snowflakes, every relationship is unique and evolves over time.  What I came to be is someone who helps people clarify what they need out of their relationships so that they can share life with those who they want in it.

I started Mommie. Lover. Friend. because I spent more time delving into clients’ OTHER relationships than I did with their intimate partners. I found that it was those relationships that laid the foundation for what it is they were seeing with their partners.

As a mother, I understand how critical it is to raise children in an environment where love and authenticity is at the core.  I need them to see and feel what real love is like.

As a lover, my 20+ year (yep, 20 years, ya’ll!) relationship with my husband has shown me what true commitment, loyalty, and (let’s keep it real) patience is.  Our partnership is more than just the fairy-tale happily ever after schtick.  It is constant work, redrawing lines, redefining roles, and the belief in a greater purpose than our individual selves.

As a sister (literally and figuratively), I know how important it is to have a support system filled with like-minded women who push you, challenge you, affirm you, and loan you the occasional ear when your life is driving you up the wall.

These relationships are all connected.  Not one of them is mutually exclusive.  By understanding who you are as a mother, daughter, sister, friend, you can start to see patterns and triggers within your intimate relationships that you never knew existed.

My hope is that you can see yourself in my stories.  That this platform can be used as a safe haven for defining or redefining what YOU need out of your relationships.  Kick back, relax, stay for a bit, and let me know you’ve stopped by.  Leave a message, ask a question, challenge my perspective, engage.  We’ll all be the better for it.