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Learning to Be Okay When They Walk Away

There is nothing more painful than when someone you love decides to end the relationship.    Whether it was a slow demise or a blindside, everything you’ve ever believed about them; everything you ever believed about YOURSELF is now called into question.  Dreams of a lifetime partnership that is just on the brink of realization are […]

Career vs Bae

You’re spending more and more time away from the home.  You keep your phone close so that you don’t miss their late night messages or calls.  Your mind is constantly drifting back to it, while your loved ones complain that you’re distant and disengaged.  You’re showing all of the signs that your career has now […]

Push or Pull Energy?

I spend a lot of time asking people what they are looking for in an ideal partner.  I ask this question first because your response will let me know two things.  First, where your priorities lie. The first couple of characteristics are always going to be the most important, similar to the ingredients on a […]

How to Create an EPIC Relationship!

Finding a couple who makes you think, “I would love to have that some day!” doesn’t come around every day (unless you’re thumbing through Instagram photos).  So what does it take to have one of your own?  How do you prepare yourself for an EPIC relationship?  The answer is extremely simple, yet it takes some […]

8 Signs Your Relationship is Failing

There is someone out there right now wondering if it’s time to call their relationship quits.  Maybe you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a couple of years and it’s stagnated.  Or maybe you’re married with children and life has become an endless list of chores, deadlines, homework, soccer ball games, and grocery store […]

Are Relationships Supposed to be Hard?

Are relationships that hard?  Why is it incredibly easy for some, but not others?  What is the common denominator for those who just “get it”?  More importantly, what are others doing wrong? There are an almost endless supply of articles, books, and workshops who will tell you so, but none of these will work.  On […]