The Many Faces of an Almost 40 Year Old

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It’s 12:08 am and I am just now getting down to the business of writing this post. I had the very best intentions for today (well, technically, today ended about 8 minutes ago), but like usual, peace and quiet can only be found in the wee hours of the night. I don’t think my kids or my husband have entirely grasped why I am always so tired and why I am the last to get out of bed every morning. In their mind, Mommy just wants her beauty rest, or as the hubster likes to say, “Mommy’s hiding from us again!”.

What isn’t seen or realized is just how many hats I throw on on any given day. Let’s see, there is the obvious wife and mother role that I oscillate between to keep the house running in some semblance of order. Rooms need to be straightened up, clothes need to be picked up and put IN THE ACTUAL laundry basket, children need to be thrown into the shower and yelled at to brush their teeth, and someone needs to figure out what the heck we’re shoving down our throats for the day. I’m telling you, the term “work life balance” needs to have advanced level for us.

Let’s also throw in the fact that I own and operate a small matchmaking and coaching business. Before you ooh and ahh and lean more closely into the screen, let me say that this is not as glamorous as it seems when you get into the minutia of it all. Clients need to be catered to, schedules need to be coordinated, phone calls need to be made, and emails upon emails about EMAILS need to be returned. This morning in particular, I had to take a scheduled client call (on a weekend, no less) at the same time I had to get my less than willing son to his summer reading session. Can you imagine having to mute the line just to yell to your son that your pants are on backwards? Yeah, talk about multi-tasking.

As if that were not enough, I am very active in the local chapter of my sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, a public service organization. After my client call, I high-tailed it over to a quaint breakfast spot where we spent the next three and a half hours discussing fundraising plans for the upcoming year. Oh vey!

On the way home, I say “Ah s*@t, I forgot to workout this morning!” I’m almost 40. My body ain’t on self-maintenance anymore. On top of that, I just so happen to have some pretty stiff body goals I need to reach in the next few weeks (more on that topic for another day), so I get home, change straight into my workout clothes, and bang out an episode of Billions on the elliptical.

Are ya’ll tired yet, ’cause I surely am…

I won’t bore you with the rest of the day’s events, but let’s just say that I have sat in front of this computer at least 5 times to begin this post before someone or something pulled me away to help, fix, answer, or do.

We as women/moms/wives/entrepreneurs/friends/community leaders juggle a lot. How we juggle them all successfully depends entirely on the relationships we plant and nurture with those we care about. This blog is meant to unpack that in many different ways and through the evolution of time. I plan to delve into relationships we as women have with our children, partners, friends, careers…alladat! I’ll also throw in some nuggets of advice through my work as a life, dating, and relationship coach. My hope is that you learn more about and through me just how intertwined and interdependent our many relationships with others can be and how we can balance it all beautifully.

Stick around, my friends. I’m just getting started.

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